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Africa Week

March 30, 2009

Last week we met a few more secondary students. They had a look at all of the brilliant work that everyone else has been doing so far, before having a go themselves…

This week is ‘Africa Week’ in school, so they gathered up some animals and worked as at team to bring their own scene of Africa to life.  Well done everyone – we hope you’ll enjoy sharing this with others in school!


Making Music

March 27, 2009

A loud and exciting day- little did we realise that Fountaindale was so full of musicians!

Last week pupils found and recorded sounds from around school – a buzzing machine in a cupboard, clinking cutlery, wheelchairs beeps and creaks, Tom beat-boxing, and much more.  This week they turned those everyday noises into something rather extraordinary!

We’ll be using some of this music to accompany the film that we’ve been making about school, but in the meantime you can have a listen to the unedited stuff here.  BEWARE – it’s quite spooky!

Karl, Jack, Halley – Crazy Sounds!

Alan, Barry and Matt

Tom and Lauren – Beatbox

Tom and Lauren – Blast Off

Tom and Lauren – Boat at Sea

James and Tom – Spooky

James and Tom

Karl, Jack, Halley – Spooky

For those of you who were interested in getting the software and hardware yourselves please have a look at these websites:

Energy XT is the software we use on our computers

We were also using the NanoKEY and Nano PAD from Korg’s Nano range.