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Thank You!

May 19, 2009


We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Fountaindale School. We have loved working with all of you! Students and staff all welcomed us – we feel like we became part of the Fountaindale Family!

Everyone worked so hard to make brilliant artworks, film, animation, music, sounds, and much more…

Our 10 days in school are now finished, BUT there is so much more to add to this blog! Please keep coming back to visit this site – tell all of your friends and family to have a look too! As we make our way through all of the hundreds of photos, the music, film footage, animation clips we’ll try to keep adding what we find.

We can’t wait to put it all together and come back to school, for the Fountaindale Premiere in June! See you then…


Searching for Sounds

May 6, 2009

Barry, Alan, and JamesĀ  head off in search of sounds… This is an edited and cut-down view of their long journey around the school.

The noises they recorded got sampled, cut up, looped and used to make music for the films we’ve been working on.

We’ll try to upload more behind-the-scenes stuff later.