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Video Overload (and plenty more to come)

June 5, 2009

We’re hard at work (plagued by multifarious technical gremlins) on finishing the film about school – but in the meantime we’re adding a selection of other work that happened during the project…

You all filmed and made SO much, and it’s all good! So we have to show it… We could be uploading video for the rest of our lives!

Jack and Karl finally finished this little film on the last day of the project, with the help of Tom from primary… They had the idea way back in January, it was worth the wait.

On our final day in school the primary pupils all had a taste of what the post 16 and secondary groups had been doing for the past 5 months – this is what they made, we love it!

One day filming, James just disappeared for about an hour, maybe longer. We now see what he was up too. Who knows how far he traveled, but we love the sounds and the sunlight – this reminds us how beautiful your school is.

Lauren animated different musical instruments over a few weeks, recorded sounds and here’s the colourful, noisy result. This is really excellent, it’s great to finally see and hear them all together as a “band”.

More to come soon…