Door to the Unknown


The film is finished, what a wonderful premiere it had!
Screened to parents, family, teachers and friends – a celebration and sharing of the film, and much talk of the friendships made during the project.
Watch the film, and be sure to check out the behind the scenes clips of music making, animations, and the spooky film footage from the woods – with six days of hard work squeezed into a six minute film, a lot had to be left out…


4 Responses to “Door to the Unknown”

  1. Glyn Plummer Says:

    this is the best film i have ever seen

  2. Glyn Plummer Says:

    hello Martin and Carly thank you for your comment i have now linked the website to my Facebook account so that i can comment on all of our videos and talk to you

  3. Brenda sayers Says:

    What a joy and experience to watch but most of all take part. Made new friends, you two have a talent to make a film but most importantly have the love power and knowledge to embrace every child and adult to the best of their ability including mine. Thank you for the experience. Brenda loving Rosehill!!!!! See you soon

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