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Getting warmer

November 16, 2012

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Sunny spin paintings and object collages.


Autumn Sun

November 15, 2012

Today we warmed ourselves in the autumn sun – hunting for colourful leaves to use in our artwork.

Once back inside working one by one the leaves were put to good use, as textures on the firey surface of the sun (a round orange rug!).

Keep checking back to see more soon.

Ice, Snow and Symmetry

November 15, 2012

Making a giant Kaleidoscope helped us understand the beautiful symmetry of snowflakes, and have a lot of fun too! No one escaped without being photographed.

It gave us lots of ideas for the future – we’ve all been trying to think about ways to share this work, imagine building something bigger and getting inside.

Getting colder, the pupils used coloured ice to make random paintings. Next week we’ll be taking photographs with hand made ice lenses…

A storm in a teacup

November 15, 2012

The wind gusts into a full blown thunder storm this time! Crash, flash! Painting with lights in the darkest room we could find in the school, long exposure photographs are our lightening flashes.

Meanwhile, dripping paint became storm clouds, and we made our very own storm in a teacup (well, a bucket). Dropping glitter, paint, sequins and rice into a swirling atmospheric soup.

Gale Force

November 15, 2012

Thinking about the wind this week – how to make it visible, how to record it.

Collecting natural objects, fans blowing, timelapse photography, clouds moving across the sky.

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We made a sculpture from an old wheelchair wheel and some coat hangers. Swirling like a tornado.

Weather Portraits

November 15, 2012

What kind of weather are you? Are you living under a black cloud, or do you have a sunny disposition?

Working on our portraits

Selecting, projecting and dressing up.

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