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Putting it all together

January 24, 2013

Installing the kaleidoscope “Weatherscope” in school

In a darkened room this film can loop and play forever and ever, it’s projected into the back of the giant kaleidoscope, along with sound coming hidden speakers. The students we’ve been working with are inviting their friends, staff and other pupils in, to give tours and explain how it’s all been made.


Sound, Sequins and Storyboard

January 22, 2013

The penultimate session of our weather wonderings saw us thinking about the sounds that rain makes. The noises of wind in the treees, and snow falling. The crashing of thunder. We used instruments that we’d made oursevelves – simple rain stcks, tubes filled with nails and seeds and dried beans – as well as fabric, bells, pots and pans, cymbals, a xylophone, and whatever else we could lay hands on.

As a group we decided on a simple ‘story’ for our film too, laying out in a new order all the work we’d done so far.

Finally we photographed the ice lenses – frozen water mixed with glitter. Noticing that close up glitter is made of tiny hexagons, just like the reflections in our kaleidoscope.

Back to Work…

January 10, 2013

We hope everyone had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas break, we’re looking forward to being back in school and getting busy again.
just before we get to the end of all the hard work, here’s a look back at just how intense it has been!

Making art from leaves and cloth.
(Look at the floor in the first video, the shadows and light – we managed to capture the weather, the sun and the wind without realising)

Kaleidoscopic fun.