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Inset day

April 12, 2013

We think this shows that it’s not just the students who are creative and can have fun!

These photos and films were made during an Inset Day at Fountaindale School. Staff from Fountaindale and the surrounding specialist schools gathered to explore creativity. They spent time with Shirley Novak delving into the world of sound, and with us,  experimenting with stop-motion animation and light writing using long-exposure photography. There’s so much more we could have done!



February 11, 2013

A short film showing the ‘Weatherscope.’ The giant kaleidoscope was installed – and enjoyed – in school for two weeks. The students, proudly showed their creation off to their friends, other pupils, and staff. It got a great response – despite the infinite reflections making a few staff feel dizzy and sick, the overall response was one of a calm, mesmerised and captivated audience!

Putting it all together

January 24, 2013

Installing the kaleidoscope “Weatherscope” in school

In a darkened room this film can loop and play forever and ever, it’s projected into the back of the giant kaleidoscope, along with sound coming hidden speakers. The students we’ve been working with are inviting their friends, staff and other pupils in, to give tours and explain how it’s all been made.

Autumn Sun

November 15, 2012

Today we warmed ourselves in the autumn sun – hunting for colourful leaves to use in our artwork.

Once back inside working one by one the leaves were put to good use, as textures on the firey surface of the sun (a round orange rug!).

Keep checking back to see more soon.

A storm in a teacup

November 15, 2012

The wind gusts into a full blown thunder storm this time! Crash, flash! Painting with lights in the darkest room we could find in the school, long exposure photographs are our lightening flashes.

Meanwhile, dripping paint became storm clouds, and we made our very own storm in a teacup (well, a bucket). Dropping glitter, paint, sequins and rice into a swirling atmospheric soup.

Gale Force

November 15, 2012

Thinking about the wind this week – how to make it visible, how to record it.

Collecting natural objects, fans blowing, timelapse photography, clouds moving across the sky.

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We made a sculpture from an old wheelchair wheel and some coat hangers. Swirling like a tornado.

The wind

October 11, 2012

How do you know it’s windy? Can you see the wind, hear it, feel it?
Here’s a short clip of timelapse photography experiments to capture the blustery clouds above our heads.

Door to the Unknown

April 29, 2012

The film is finished, what a wonderful premiere it had!
Screened to parents, family, teachers and friends – a celebration and sharing of the film, and much talk of the friendships made during the project.
Watch the film, and be sure to check out the behind the scenes clips of music making, animations, and the spooky film footage from the woods – with six days of hard work squeezed into a six minute film, a lot had to be left out…

Student planning day

February 27, 2012

Our first day, making, meeting new friends, experimenting, learning.

After exploring the woods around school, encountering a bear and imagining the other evolving creatures out there, we devised a plan. We will make a film about visiting another world, a place where wierd and dangerous beasts lurk. Our only chance of survival is to call for ‘backup’ and hope they come quick.

Films from long ago

January 11, 2012

It’s been a long time since we’ve blogged here, but with a new project coming up, we thought we’d update things with a couple of films from long ago Creative Partnerships projects.

Our School Is was made back in 2009 by secondary and post 16 students. It bring s together a lot of the clips, experiments and ideas they all had about creatively describing their school.


Wherever Next is the film made with the other end of school – the primary pupils. Inspired by a story that they’d read – Whatever Next – in which a teddy blasts off to the moon in a cardboard box rocket, everyone balsted off on their own adventures, far beyond the moon, out to the planets, stars and beyond…